plotsky-and-the-lionsDavid Mills is creator and author of Christ and ClausWorkplace Hidden Opportunities, Life Love God, and Founder of CREinFocus LLC.

Workplace Hidden Opportunities (WHO) is a membership intelligence network site and information management platform that helps inform workplace and corporate real estate professionals and pundits. Primarily it provides more fluid access to innovation and commerce among the membership with the indexing of people, places, processes, and purpose with trademarked technologies. A book by the same title is in progress.

CREinFocus LLC (CREi) is an information management company that builds tools to leverage current technologies and service offerings for transforming the way large enterprises think about, control costs, and more effectively manage the financial performance of their owned and leased real estate portfolios. David has been a bricks and mortar developer, software developer, and visionary CEO for the last four decades always on the leading edge of technology. He is currently identifying merger and acquisition advisors to help with the sale of these assets.

Life Love God (LLG) is, as the title would suggest, about exploring the intersect between mankind’s humanity and divinity. It is a forum for civil discourse and discovery. David has discovered in his march through the last seven decades that in attempting to describe anything it is important to try to say what that thing is and what it is not. To that end, this is not a platform for opinionated diatribes (his or others).

More is available about David on LinkedIn where you are invited to connect, on this website where you are invited to subscribe to the Blog, and on his personal Facebook page where you are invited to ‘friend’ him. Of course, Twitter is an option. You can follow his business tweets or his personal tweets if you like. If you are still hungry for more and want to get a sense of his aesthetic and visual interests check out his pins on Pinterest.

Thank you for following, for your comments and for your observations.

Merry Christmas and may the blessings of the season surround you now and throughout the New Year!


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