Christ and Claus is a multimedia Christmas greeting from David Mills to his family, friends, business colleagues and his extended social media connections around the globe.

Loving EnergyFirst and foremost it is intended to extend his love and appreciation for everyone who casts an eye upon its pages, with the hope that it might inspire a kind of ‘love, tag, you’re it’ syndrome. Even if you have never looked at your relationships or circumstances through the eyes of Christ or the eyes of Santa Claus know that they did. This Christmas greeting is for you. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be reading it now. What follows then is my attempt to capture how they might have looked at things and, if you can stretch your imagination, they still do (once in human form, now in spirit form). It also reflects how others have looked at them. So it is about the observer and the observed. Here is the fascinating aspect that most of us are too self-absorbed to see. Beliefs are powerful aspects of our being. To think or say, ‘I believe in (whatever)’ frames your world view. To think of say, ‘I do not believe in (whatever)’ equally frames your world view. So we get to choose and as the old song goes, ‘You can’t take that away from me.’

Recorded HistoryHowever you define the history of mankind; four thousand years, ten thousand years, a million years, 2 million years, there are some interesting attributes to think about.
Throughout this march of time, there has been a shared notion of duality. This or that, them or us, good or bad, right or wrong, naughty or nice, and on and on it goes. What is only recently beginning to emerge is the recognition of commonality. It looks different. It reads differently. It sounds different. It feels different. This and that, them and us, good and bad, right and wrong, naughty and nice, and in this understanding, we have a new opportunity.

What are you going to celebrate when you awaken on Christmas morning and for the twelve days that follow?
A. Christ or Claus (one or the other)
B. Christ and Claus (both)
C. Neither (something entirely different)

Merry Christmas!


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