Letter to SantaSeason’s Greetings!

It is difficult sometimes to fathom the changes the world is undergoing; many of them incomprehensible.

And here we are in the countdown to Christmas. I turned seventy at Thanksgiving which I share, primarily, to put the posts of the coming days in context. If you would like to read my first self-published book, Plotsky – A Christmas Story, you will experience a few magical days at Christmastime in New York. Please forgive the commercialization, but hey, it’s that time of the year.

My intention is to share a daily post from now through the Twelve Days of Christmas. I hope that regardless of your background, persuasions, and beliefs that these stories and insights will bring you some joy, laughter, hope, and inspiration as the New Year approaches. Go to the Index at right and follow your nose to what looks interesting. You can subscribe and have the posts arrive in your inbox as they are created.

The only broadcast of these once a year seasonal publications will be via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr; so please share if there are those you think might find some peace here.

May the blessings of this season rest upon you and your family!