Christ and Claus – Christmas Consolidated

The Battle For Christmaschristandclaus.com was launched last year to share a love and appreciation for my family, friends, business colleagues and connections around the globe (some met – more to meet in the coming days, week, months and years to come).

Sunday after Thanksgiving
November 29, 2015

The intention is described on the ‘About’ page.
While the overarching purpose and theme will remain the same from year to year, the story-line will probably change given the dynamic volatile and exponential change we are experiencing in today’s life experiences. The story-line on the right-hand navigation bar. There is a sequential nature to this story-line which is still a work in progress and for that reason I labeled them with roman numerals until I got to IX which wanted to go before V so I took the liberty of changing this to VIIII.

Happy Holidays!